Sweet Home ALABAMA


I’m incredibly humbled to share with you that today I have officially signed as the new Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at The University of ALABAMA at Birmingham! Look mom and dad—I’m employed!!
This year has been insanely challenging for everyone. With tons of universities on hiring freezes, my cohort has suffered tremendously with academic jobs. It has been cutthroat, demanding, competitive, and stressful. I feel extremely honored and blessed to, not only, land an academic job, but accept an academic job at an R1 institution that I so deeply respect and admire. I'm so honored and thrilled to join the amazing faculty at UAB!
I know there are going to be many people reading this that did not get an academic job offer so I wanted to take a second to let them know that I feel for you, I support you, and I encourage you to keep chasing your dream. I remember telling myself after my final interview, if all the roads, rejections, and “no’s” led me to this specific job and position, then it was all worth it! And it truly was.
I would like to take a second and thank Utah State University—You all believed in me, during a global pandemic, and gave me the platform to fight another year to stay in academia. I’m forever grateful to everyone in this department at USU (special shoutout to Kaitlin Phillips and Brad Hall). Most importantly, I want to thank each student I’ve had throughout my time at USU. I couldn’t have survived the semester without each of you. You made class fun, provided me with entertainment, and were truly a unique and special group of students that have left an imprint in my heart. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you because it’s truly going to be something remarkable. I’m honored our lives crossed paths and we got the chance to impact one another.
Never give up on the things that give you meaning in life and make you happy! Stay humble. Work hard. Dream big. Be kind. And never give up!
SWEET HOME, ALABAMA!! Lord I'm comin' home to you!

-Dr. Samantha J. Shebib, Ph.D. (4.8.21)


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