Red Rock Relationship Podcast on Secrets: 

Peaceful Soul's The Wellbeing 5 Project: Dr. Shebib's Interview of 5 Relational Wellbeing Questions/Answers

2021 Outstanding Graduate Alumni Award at Illinois State University: Dr. Samantha J. Shebib Receives Prestigious Award

Red Rock Relationship Podcast on Transgressions: Dr. Samantha J. Shebib on Red Rock Relationships Podcast

Don't Get Duped Online Webinar: Dr. Samantha J. Shebib Guest on Dr. Jose Rodriguez's Kendall Hunt Webinar

Psychology Today: Can a Close Sibling Relationship Strain Other Sibling Bonds?

Michigan State University: MSU Educator Award

Michigan State University: Student Leadership and Service Award

Michigan State University: PhD Student Earns NCA's Top Master's Thesis Award

National Communication Association: Top Master's Thesis Award


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