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Non-Anonymous Testimonial from Former Students

"Dr. Shebib was my instructor at Michigan State University, for "Communication in Close Relationships," a 400-level communication course. From the very first day of class, Dr. Shebib set the tone for a warm, inviting learning environment, yet made her expectations of her students very clear.  Dr. Shebib, combined with her unmatched passion for communication and education, is a phenomenal educator. She instructs in a way that is both engaging and insightful. She pushes students to make a personal connection with the classroom material. For our final project, we were assigned an extensive research paper on a specific topic. Dr. Shebib was adamant about each student excelling to the best of their ability. She was always willing and available to help students. She truly desired for each student to be able to craft a research paper and cite sources appropriately. Even if one was not “interested” in a specific topic, Dr. Shebib always made it relatable. Dr. Shebib undoubtedly, continues to make a unique impression on the world of education. Her continuous journey not only propels her own life ambitions, but it also inspires her students. It is because of various conversations with Dr. Shebib, that I decided to pursue graduate studies. Over 2 years later, she has continued to be an influential individual in my life, as I pursue further education. Overall, at her core, Dr. Shebib is a dedicated professional. She is committed, empathetic, and has a genuine concern for those she encounters inside the classroom. It was an honor to be a student in her class, as I developed a profound love for the study of communication."--Regina Anderson (January 9, 2021) View it here!

"I had the pleasure of being taught by Dr. Shebib in Fall 2020 in the midst of a pandemic.  I took her Persuasion course at Utah State University in her first semester of being an official professor. Dr. Shebib is very passionate about the Communication field and about teaching in general. She once expressed that she felt like teaching was her calling in life and I can attest to the accuracy of that. Dr. Shebib genuinely cares about her students and their success, inside and outside of the classroom. In the classroom she is amazing at teaching the content. She helps us learn all aspects of the topic at hand and helps us master it. Outside of the classroom she is extremely accessible and does all she can to help. Currently I am applying to Graduate schools and Dr. Shebib has been a major help in this daunting process. Dr. Shebib is by far the best professor I have been taught by during my academic career. She is the most engaging and helpful professor I have ever had. She is very animated in the way she teaches and makes her students passionate about learning. I am very grateful to have had her as a professor and hope to continue to work with her throughout the rest of my academic career."--Tristin Evans (December 29, 2020) View it here!

"I had the pleasure of taking an Interpersonal Communications course with Dr. Shebib at Utah State University as a freshman there. Although I am not a communications major of any sort (I am studying Marketing), Dr. Shebib inspired in me a love of communications from Day 1.  I believe that good teachers can teach a young mind, but a great teacher will inspire a young mind. Dr. Shebib truly is a great teacher in this regard. She helped me to understand the material, and then to apply it in my everyday life to improve my relationships (family relationships, friend, work, etc.).  When I took my communications course with Dr. Shebib, the lock-downs in response to coronavirus were in full swing. I was very impressed by Dr. Shebib's skill in teaching a live class and teaching those on zoom at the same time - she could juggle a lot all at once!  Dr. Shebib's incredible ability to adapt to student needs live within the classroom was a game changer for me. She helped me connect principles to each other in a manner that allowed me to see the big picture. Dr. Shebib has changed the way in which I view the world and has helped me improve the way I go about caring for my relationships!"--Colby Flake (December 24, 2020) View it here!

"In Fall 2019, I was fortunate enough to be a student in Ms. Shebib’s Communication 425-Communication in Close Relationships class at Michigan State University. During the course of the semester, Samantha demonstrated her passion for this field of study and the success of her students. I am very lucky to have been a student of Ms. Shebib. Throughout my four years as a Communication student at Michigan State University, I never had a professor as attentive and enjoyable as Samantha. I often wondered if this major was right for me because I never loved what I was studying, however, Samantha completely changed my mind. Taking this course with Ms. Shebib has opened my eyes to the future careers and path I can make as a Communication major. I can proudly say this was my absolute favorite class I have taken at Michigan State and I am very fortunate to have taken it. We were challenged to learn a wide range of content; however, we were engaged in activities and visuals that really helped me learn and enjoy the material. I always felt prideful in my work because I knew I had her support if I ever ran into a question or problem. Samantha truly worked hard both inside and outside of the classroom. During class hours, we were encouraged to take diligent notes, relate material to real-life examples, and participate in activities that would lead to the level of retention needed to pass the course. She was more than willing to answer any questions and help us learn the material to the best of her ability. Out of the classroom, Samantha put in an exorbitant amount of time into preparing her lectures so that we would be able to succeed in both an inviting and professional environment. She created detailed study guides and study activities that truly made studying “exciting”.  I am truly confident that Samantha Shebib is an exceptional candidate for this award. Samantha’s positive attitude, genuine kindness, superb listening skills, and dedication are just a few reasons of her excellence in teaching. I have never had a teacher like Ms. Shebib and I only wish that I could have taken more classes with her. I am so honored to have been able to show my support for the best professor I’ve had at Michigan State University."--Stephanie Andoni (December 24, 2020) View it here!

"I first had the pleasure of having Samantha as a teaching assistant for the course Intro to Interpersonal Communication (Com 225) in the Spring of 2018. Due to Samantha’s ability to connect course concepts to real life situations, I chose to enroll in her Communication in Close Relationships (Com 425) course the following year. Having Samantha as a teacher this past spring semester was one of the greatest experiences I have had during my three years at Michigan State University. As a Communication major at Michigan State University, I believe it is rather challenging to build individual student teacher relationships due to the number of students in the major. That is not the case with Samantha. She excels in building individual relationships with each and every one of her students which largely contributed to my success in her course. Samantha is passionate, both for her students and for her teaching. Samantha’s course has been the most rewarding class I have taken at Michigan State. I have never had an instructor who wanted every single student to succeed in their class the way Samantha did. She went above and beyond to explain challenging course material and give personal examples that would allow us to better understand each concept. Samantha made sure each student understood what she was teaching before moving forward with other topics. A great deal of Samantha’s course was focused on writing that related course concepts, one of them being a final research paper. The way Samantha made herself available to her students for help was something I had never experienced before at Michigan State. Each student chose their own topic from our Communication in Close Relationships course and researched and analyzed seven scholarly journals. During that time, Samantha sent each student articles and findings that she thought would be beneficial towards their writing. Samantha was more than willing to provide feedback along the way. I sent the draft of my paper to Samantha late one evening, and by early the following morning, I had the most helpful feedback. Samantha offered me suggestions to improve my writing, yet she also commented on the things she loved about my work so far. Samantha always encouraged me as a student which motivated me to be a well-rounded individual. Having Samantha as an instructor at Michigan State University has been so rewarding. Her commitment and dedication to academia is truly admirable. Her passion and knowledge of Interpersonal Communication is a huge asset to Michigan State University’s Communication major. In closing, Samantha’s commitment to her studies as well as her students is a rarity, and I am forever grateful that I was able to experience the intelligence that is Samantha Shebib. I can only hope to be as passionate and impactful in my future career as Samantha has been for me and other students."--Molly Smith (December 24, 2020) View it here!

 Anonymous Testimonials from Former Students

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shebib! It was such a joy taking a class from her this semester and I wish so badly I could have taken more from her throughout my time here at USU. The way she presents the information during lectures is incredibly intuitive and she really wants to make sure she presents it in a way that we truly understand. She doesn’t waste time with fluff or filler content because she values our education and time. She ALWAYS had incredible energy even when doing zoom classes from home which made class so much more enjoyable. Not only was the course work interesting and the way she presented it amazing- but she also cares so much about her students. I had a time where I needed extra time to take an exam due to some personal issues. I felt comfortable expressing this to her and she completely understood. She was even vulnerable with me and explained that she struggled with the same thing so she understood what I was going through. She is a true friend to her students in the most professional way. USU and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are better with Dr Shebib - she is a huge asset here. She has been an excellent professor to say the least! The communication department would be foolish to not hire and promote her to assistant professor.”—CMST 2120 student Fall 2020

“Dr. Shebib is an expert in her field. She has such an expansive knowledge on what she is teaching and is very passionate about it. She ties what we learn in class to how we can become more competent communicators. Also, she ties what we are learning from the textbook with additional research and theories that help us look at the topic with a broader lens. Additionally, she encourages questions and is very good at answering them effectively. Also, she is ALWAYS prepared. Her PowerPoints and lectures are very cohesive, and effective for hybrid learning. (In my other classes I find it’s me being understanding that it is difficult for the teacher to do both effectively, but in Dr. Shebib's class she has found ways to make it just as high quality of a class.)” —CMST 2110 student Fall 2020

“The work Dr. Shebib has put into this course is obvious. She makes her own (incredibly detailed and helpful) PowerPoint slides for each class, provided us with several class related academic reading materials, and is very knowledgeable about this subject. I've never had a teacher like Dr. Shebib, who can answer almost any question related to this subject at the snap of a finger I loved how Dr. Shebib provided us with multiple examples about each topic we discussed because it gave me a more solid understanding of the subject. Throughout the entire semester, Dr. Shebib made this class both fun and very informational. I also like how Dr. Shebib was able to relate many of her teachings to us and our social media usage. Unlike some of the other classes I have taken, I feel that the information I took from this class is something that will stay with me and actually help me in the future. Dr. Shebib's teaching completely defied my expectations for this class, and she really went above and beyond to ensure that we knew her course materials inside and out.”—CMST 2110 student Fall 2020

“Dr. Shebib is easily the best professor at USU. She truly cares about her students and does all she can to help them succeed. She is clearly passionate about the students she teaches and teaching in general. Her passion leaks out onto her students and it is really a fun environment to be in! She truly is an amazing professor!”—CMST 3400 student Fall 2020


“Thank you professor for you lively personality. Truly rare is the professor who enjoys what they do as much as you. Thank you.” —CMST 3400 student Fall 2020

“This class taught me valuable and practical information about working with other people, and Dr. Shebib was an excellent professor. She cares a lot about, appreciates, and respects her students.”—CMST 2120 student Fall 2020

“Samantha was an amazing instructor. It was evident in lecture she cared about the students and was passionate about the content she kept the class engaged and made sure students were able to understand the material with great examples. One of the best, most compassionate instructive I’ve had at MSU.” –Com 325 student in Fall 2019

“Samantha is one of the best professors I have ever had. She was always encouraging and positive throughout the semester and eager to help us understand course concepts. Her relatability helped fuel understanding. I wish I wasn’t graduating this semester, so I could enroll in her course next semester. Any institution would be beyond lucky to have Samantha on their team.” –Com 325 student in Fall 2019 

“Seriously amazing! Sammy made sure to make class enjoyable and really cared about us as students and as individuals. She made great PowerPoints, always was receptive and understanding and was overall just a great teacher. I don’t think I have ever learned more in a COM class from any other professor. Such a joy, she taught so much about the class but also tedious tasks like citations and was really helpful in research paper writing process. So glad I was in her class and anyone who has her in the future is lucky.” –Com 425 student in Spring 2019

“This class was by far my best throughout the semester. Engaging, interesting, impactful, great professor and awesome TA who actually cares about student success. Very impressed and everything was done in a way that that made it easy to understand. Bravo!” –Com 225 student in Fall 2017


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